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Home Automation - Total Control of everything in your home


Total home automation control offers the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience. Music, Video, Security, Climate and lighting control are all within reach via simple to use touch pads or remotes. We offer a variety of home automation and control solutions to fit any project.


large estate at night with dramatic lighting

lighting automation iconLighting Automation

Set the mood for any occasion with total home lighting control. Develop lighting screens that give you the ambiance your looking for. Simply select the lighting screen from a convenient touch panel and it's done. Set up master commands for all on, and all off. Have your system preprogrammed to adjust the lights, arm the security system and check to see if the grange doors are secure. Control your lighting remotely while your are away, even set lighting routines that turn interior lights off and exterior lights on based on a schedule.


crestron climate control

limate control thermometer iconClimate Control

Control the template in multiple zones of your home without having to go to the thermostat With home automation climate control is at your fingertips. Your system can monitor temperature and humidity to keep your comfort level constant and save you money on energy bills by utilizing pre-set temperature set point while your out. Monitor outdoor and indoor temperatures and make adjustments on the fly. Its up to




home automation control on iphone from crestron

Audio Distribution speaker iconAudio Distribution

Choose multiple music sources in multiple locations around your home. Listen to your music collection on your ipod while on the back deck or out in the yard. Set a mood in any room you choose using a variety of music sources from; satellite radio, CD player, local radio stations, ipods, or music stored on your systems hard drive. Your in control and having music throughout your home has never been









security intercom with finger pressing access code

Custom crafted home entertainment solutions.

Problem 1: Most AV entertainment systems have multiple remote controls that are required in order to operate them. This can take the enjoyment out of the entertainment and make the experience cumbersome.

Solution: With a custom control system we deliver a simple to use remote or touch screens that allow you to press one button in most cases to perform what used to take 3-5 remote controls. We eliminate the remote for the TV or projector, the cable or satellite box, the DVD and CD player, the theater receiver and even the lights. We place all the control on one remote or touch pad and build a program to run everything. We do this with your input and once we are done we show you how easy it is to operate everything.

Problem 2: Having shelves or cabinets full of AV gear can ruin the décor or your home. Additionally having this gear exposed can lead to mishaps when family members inadvertently or intentionally press buttons or change settings.

Solution: With an easy to use control system most if not all AV equipment can be tucked away in a closet, recessed in a wall, or placed in a space comfortably out of the way. You no longer have to see your AV equipment in order to operate it or enjoy it.

Problem 3: Programming a big box electronic store remote is time consuming and seldom works exactly how you want it to in all but the simplest home entertainment systems. Additionally in most cases you still are required to have the AV equipment exposed so that you can point the remote at the equipment to operate it.

Solution: Save the time and frustrating guesswork and have our trained staff build a control system that is reliable and operates the way you want, all while allowing the AV equipment to be discreetly tucked out of the way.



umbrella icon representing securitySecurity and Intercoms

Watch what's going on around the house via security cameras that feed into your system and can be displayed on touch panels and video monitors or computer screens thought the home. See who's at the front door or gate and communicate via intercom. Grant visitors access without leaving your comfortable location. Observe the kids in the bonus room or playing in the backyard. Control your cameras and monitor your home when your away. Set cameras to record when your on vacation and know that your home has top notch security

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